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Wedding Photography Styles

When choosing a wedding photographer, one of the most important factors to consider is, ‘what is their photography style?’ By this I mean, how do they go about taking photos on the wedding day.

There are lots of different ways photographers approach a wedding day. And there is no right or wrong way. They are just different. Some photographers will set things up. So they will position everyone and then get them to do something. Some will set up lighting to create dramatic lighting. Some will position a couple and move arms, legs, faces, fingers etc so that they capture the perfect and most flattering photos possible.

So it is important to know how your photographer will shoot your day. You could have the best wedding photographer in the world shooting your wedding, but if you hate the process and the way they go about getting photos, then they are not the right photographer for you. And you will remember that the experience was terrible.

What my wedding couples typically want

Our typical couple…

  • wants beautiful, timeless photography.
  • doesn’t want to pose for photos.
  • doesn’t want to leave their guests for hours to do a photoshoot with a photographer.
  • is a bit camera shy.
  • feels that the best photos of them are the natural candid photos.
  • wants photos of their guests laughing and having a great time, not staring at the camera.
  • wants to just enjoy the day and have an amazing time at their wedding.

For me, it’s important to us that couples enjoy their day and that photos don’t interfere or dictate the day. It is also important to us that we keep moments real and don’t contrive things just because “it would make a good photo”. When you manufacture and set up moments you give the photos much less meaning. When you look back at the photos, you will remember that that is when “we pretended” to do something.

Our approach to wedding photography

Every couple likes different photography styles. Some couples want their photos to look straight out of some glamourous bridal magazine where the train is perfectly placed out and there is light coming from every direction. Others want their photos to be more natural and to be a true representation of the day.

This wedding photography style is a little bit different from the way most Australian wedding photographers shoot weddings. So it is important to be aware that this is not a traditional wedding photography coverage where things are set up, posed or styled and therefore our shooting style is different as well.

  • I won’t interfere with the flow of the day to get a photo. So I won’t direct you or your guests or tell you what to do in any way, shape or form. 
  • I won’t get your wedding dress and hang it on a tree. Or put your rings on your bouquet or place your shoes on a window frame. I will photograph all those tiny details as is, exactly where you laid them out and build the story from there. 
  • I won’t tell the best man to help the Groom with his jacket or tell your Mum to pin on your boutonniere. Because this is creating a moment that is not genuine. But I will photograph the laughter, the nerves and the reactions of all the people there.
  • I won’t set up a flash behind the hairstylist and tell her to spray hairspray on you. But I will photograph your bridal party and parents reactions when they see you in your wedding dress for the first time.
  • I won’t tell your bridal party to pretend to fluff your dress or jump in the air like a Toyota ad. But I will photograph them laughing and hugging you.
  • I won’t stop conversations to get photos of guests looking at the camera. I will photograph them laughing, drinking and enjoying the atmosphere.
  • When we do location portraits of the two of you, there will be no awkward posing or anything cheesy. We’ll go for a walk around the area, run up some hills, jump some fences. I like to keep things real and natural. So all you need to do is show some love towards each other and have an awesome time and you will get beautiful photos. My job is to get the two of you to relax, be yourselves and have a good time. Forget everything you think wedding photography is, and just enjoy yourselves. That’s all I need my couples to do.