Award Winning Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Relaxed & Candid wedding photography

Award Winning Wedding & Elopement Photographer

We are an award-winning wedding & elopement photographer. We love to photograph beautiful and intimate weddings & elopements and we actually photograph weddings all over Australia. But we love to create art with our photography. And at every wedding I try my best to capture award winning moments and photos. We love being an Award Winning wedding photographer and an Award Winning elopement photographer and our passion is to photograph natural and real moments. You really can’t go wrong with a wedding. There are lots of stunning locations all over the region. It is the doorway to wine country and therefore you get a mixture of country and vineyard landscape that is just perfect for wedding photography. We love photographing wedding in most picturesque locations for your wedding or elopement and we consider it such an honour to photograph these amazing moments in couples lives!

We want you to be totally yourselves…

We want the in-between moments, the unexpected tears, the craziness, the imperfection, laughs, the dance party and the connections. When you look back at your photos, we want it to totally represent you and what your wedding day was. Capturing the emotion and joy and love!

Award Winning Wedding Photographer

that is

fun & relaxed

candid & unobtrusive

classic & timeless

We love real moments and real emotions. We want your laughter, the nervousness and the emotion in your wedding photos. We want the craziness of the dance floor and the tender hugs with your parents.

We won’t manufacture moments or get you to pretend to do anything. We will shoot the day entirely candidly. This means that we cover the entire wedding (except for family photos) in a totally candid, unobtrusive and reportage style of shooting. So no posing at all. During your wedding location portraits, we will just give you a little bit of direction but there will be no posing. ! We won’t influence the day at all. So the only thing you have to do is totally relax and enjoy your wedding day knowing that you will get beautiful photos of the story of your day.

We totally love being an Award Winning wedding photographer and an Award Winning elopement photographer. And we will capture everything from the little tiny details on your reception to the first kiss and hugs after you are married. We want you to look back at your wedding photos and relive the entire day and experience again how each moment felt.

Relaxed, fun and easy-going is how couples describe our approach to wedding photography. There is no pressure, no awkwardness and no posing. Our goal is to capture the real you. And when we get you relaxed and having fun, that is when we start to capture your real personalities.

Think of your wedding photos as a family heirloom that will be passed down to future generations to come. Your kids will see your wedding photos and in turn, they will pass it down to their children. We take our role in your wedding with extreme importance and know how important your photos will be to you in the future. This is how we see our role as an award winning wedding photographer.

So if you are searching for an awesome award winning wedding photographer to capture your wedding or elopement, then we are so glad you found us. Welcome, and we can’t wait to hear from you!

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Our core belief that your wedding photography should be candid and natural. We want to capture the real feeling of the day.

Award Winning Wedding Photographer

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About Us

We are a husband and wife team that have been full-time Award winning weddings and elopement photographers for over ten years. We live on the gorgeous northern end of the Central Coast of NSW. And we love to photograph weddings and elopements all over Australia, but we particularly love the Broke region. We just love photographing weddings and feel so very privileged to photograph these important moments every week.

Since starting a family of our own, we know how important it is to capture these amazing moments. And we want to photograph the love and the laughter for you. We want to be a fly on the wall and get the tears and the emotion. The hugs and the celebration to share this moment with your family and friends. And we want to capture you having the most amazing day of your lives with the people you care about most in the world.

Award Winning Wedding Photography

Our Approach to Weddings

If you are recently engaged and looking for a photographer that will shoot candidly and not pose you, then we are so glad you found us! We specialise in getting natural, fun images from couples that that think they are a bit awkward. With all our weddings and elopements, our goal is for you to enjoy yourselves and have an amazing time at their wedding. If you are relaxed and having a great time, then you will get images that reflect just this.

Our typical couple wants beautiful and timeless images and doesn’t want to pose for photos. They also don’t want to leave their guests for hours to do a photo shoot with a photographer. They are probably a bit camera shy and feel that the best photos of them are the natural candid photos.

It is so so important to us that couples enjoy their day and that photos don’t interfere or dictate the day. It is also important to us that we keep moments real and don’t contrive things, just because “it would make a good photo”. When you manufacture and set up moments you give the photos much less meaning. because it’s fake. When you look back at the photos, you will remember that that is when “we pretended” to do something. We are an award winning wedding photographer & award winning elopement photographer, not directors on a film set. We document the day really naturally and candidly and sometimes give you prompts and a tiny bit of direction if needed.

We love to photographing wedding and elopements all over and when we photograph your wedding, you’ll find out just how relaxed and fun we are. We have photographed hundreds of weddings… and we have screaming kids… so nothing at a wedding stresses us out. We really want you to let your guard down, open up and let your real personalities shine through. Then we can capture the real laughter, the real emotion and give you awesome images that you will absolutely love!

Award Winning Wedding Photography

Award winning wedding photography is all about capturing amazing moments in the most creative way possible.

Over the years we have won over fifty international and national wedding photography awards and prizes.

The only thing I would say, is that it is not all about capturing award winning images. It is about telling the story of the day and also capture these images in a way that is enjoyable for a couple.

Award Winning

Wedding Photographer

Award Winning Elopement Photography

I just love elopements and I really love taking Award Winning images If you are looking to elope, you could potentially elope at any farm any restaurant or any property. If you love the place then there is no harm in asking.

Elopements are low impact and they are generally less than twenty people. Sometimes it is just the couple. So for a small fee, you could just about get married anywhere. As an Award Winning elopement photographer, I love the intimacy of elopements and small weddings. The day becomes totally about the couple and less about you hosting a party.

Thank you for considering us as your Award Winning wedding and elopement photographer.

Award Winning Wedding Photography Testimonials

We are Award Winning professional photographers who photograph weddings and elopements all over. As an Award Winning wedding photographer and an Award Winning elopement photographer, we love to photograph real moments and real emotions. We photograph wedding candidly without stiff, awkward posing. Thank you for taking the time to look through our work. And if you like what you see and can imagine yourselves in our photos, then we would love to hear from you 🙂