Frequently Asked Questions

Do you just give black & white photos?

No, we don’t.
We love black & white (b&w) photos and we think that b&w photos are the perfect medium for candid and photojournalistic images, but we give couples a full set of images in both colour and b&w. That way you get the best of both worlds. We just show b&w on the website because we think it best shows off our style.

How many images do we get?

Every wedding is different, but on average you get approximately 80 – 100 images per hour.

Do you do family photos?

Yes, we happily do them. They are probably the only posed photos of the day. Family photos at weddings are some of the only times the whole family gets together, so we understand the importance.
To help speed up the process, please have a list, use two people help round up family members and limit the number combinations.

Can we get portraits of us? If so, how does that work is we don’t pose?

Portraits of you should be about you as a couple, not a preconceived idea of what the perfect wedding photo is.
If you do want them, do it at sunset and keep it to less than 30 mins. They are more relaxed and natural photos of the two of you hanging out together. This will probably be the first time it’s just the two of you together, the whole day. So I won’t tell you what to do, or how to be. Bring some champagne and watch the sunset together and enjoy each others company. There is no posing. We’ll just have a chat and walk around the area.

How to we get the photos?

Photos will be available through your private online gallery, where you will be able to print, share and download full resolution jpg images from anywhere in the world.

Do we need a second photographer?

For 99.9% of weddings in the Hunter Valley, a second photographer is really not necessary. Everything is quite close together, mostly on the same property. Weddings are more relaxed and chilled. If a second photographer is something you think you need, we can arrange someone else at an extra cost.