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If you are a bride who wears makeup frequently, you may believe that you do not require the services of a professional wedding makeup artist. You may believe that if you don’t regularly use makeup and intend on adding a little extra for your wedding day, you’ll be OK. After all, it can’t be that difficult, can it?

You would be totally wrong. Regardless of what anyone tells you, hiring a makeup artist for your wedding day is a fantastic decision for a variety of reasons.

Before you shake your head and roll your eyes, hear us out. There is a science to makeup and though you have your daily routine down, your wedding is not just a daily event. You are going to be wearing a different kind of dress, one that is probably much more expensive than what you normally wear. You are going to have pictures being taken of you all day long. These are going to be pictures that you will look back on over the years and you want to not only look your best, but you also want to look like you. Let an expert help you do this. If you still need convincing read on.

All makeup is not created equal. The reason that actors and models use different makeup than the rest of us on a daily basis is not only because they want to look better, it is because they require their makeup to perform better too. The makeup you use every day is not necessarily appropriate for your wedding day because it is not going to be designed to hold up to your sweat, the lighting, and the entire day. Normal wear makeup can look off in pictures as well – especially if you have a professional photographer. Get the good stuff so that you will look your best for years to come.

I think it’s all about feeling special on your wedding day. Every bride dreams of the perfect day and you want to look your best. A qualified makeup artist and hairstylist is not only going to take the stress out of the day they will also make you feel amazingly special as well. I think it’s about building a relationship with professionals you trust to create the overall vision you want. At the end of the day, it’s your photos you want to look back on so I always recommend spending the money on good photography and good stylists. People always remember what the bride looked like too so why not WOW them  A professional is going to give you just that. It’s also about finding the right person and realising you get what you pay for. It’s so important to find someone who gets your vision and knows how to recreate it for your day. I was so grateful to have amazing people around me on my wedding day and I try to do the same thing for my clients.

Here are a few of my favourite Hunter Valley Hair & makeup artists who will do an amazing job for you on your wedding day. And we highly recommend these amazing professionals.

1. Makeup By Bonnie Lee

I’ve worked with Bonnie Lee a number of times and her work is perfect. She is a really relaxed person and has a nice chilled vibe which you really need in the morning of wedding prep. And her work is always flawless.

2. White Hair & Makeup

I have worked with Suzie & Melissa from White Hair & Makeup at heaps of weddings over the years and I have always found them to be so friendly and professional. Their work is flawless and I highly recommend you check them out.

Typical Wedding Makeup Requires More

Even if you don’t wear makeup all of the time, you will want to have quite a bit more makeup on your wedding day. Wedding photos require specific lighting and a wedding is almost like a staged event. To maintain your look all day you will want to add about 20 – 30 percent more makeup than you normally do. A wedding makeup artist is going to know where to put it and how to avoid the cakey look.

“It isn’t just about having a professional application which can do wonders for tired eyes (because let’s face it, who sleeps well the night before they get hitched) and can potentially help conceal bad tan lines or stress pimples. It’s also about having one less thing to worry about on the day and it’s about having the added confidence boost that only a professional touch can bring (I dare anyone not to feel more sparkly and new after a visit to/from a great MUA and/or hair stylist!). It absolutely makes my job as a photographer easier in terms of less post-production and having a more “glowy” bride but it does so much more than that – it helps bring a woman out of her shell!

In saying all of that you do need to make sure you love your MUA and the makeup style. Have trials, discuss whether they can come to you, take photos of your trial makeup in natural light so you can see how it might photograph on the day.”

It’s not as Easy to Fix Wedding Photos as you May Think

While we live in the technology age, changing photos is not as easy as you may think. Sure, your photographer will be able to touch up your pictures, but giving you highlights, shadows, and colour that is created by correctly applied makeup will require some heavy-duty editing that you probably don’t want to pay extra for. Photoshoping pictures is possible but it requires a lot of time in the editing process to get it right. Price-wise, it’s far cheaper to get a professional makeup artist versus paying for photo editing.

From a photographer’s perspective, makeup can make a world of difference when it comes to editing. Good contouring and makeup application equals a very happy photographer. If I barely have to touch a person’s face then you know you’re working with a great makeup artist!”

You are looking at only getting married once. Give yourself the chance to splurge a little bit and to look your best. It’s recommended to consult a makeup artist for all of these reasons. However, the stress factor is a good one too. It is going to be much easier for you on your wedding day to have makeup and your look taken care of. You have enough to worry about. Let your makeup artist do their job and you can focus on the day itself. That’s how it should be anyway!

Tip for choosing a wedding hair & makeup artist

If the above Hunter Valley Hair & Makeup Artists aren’t available and you are still searching, then here are a few tips to help you on your way.

Begin searching early. Start making a list of makeup artists and their work about eight months before your wedding. If you just attended a wedding and fell in love with the bride’s makeup, ask for the makeup artist’s name and look through their portfolio to see if you like what they do.

Check out their reviews and ratings. Every makeup artist has a track record, and reading evaluations from previous clients is a good idea. Participate in bridal forums and read the comments to get a sense of who’s who in the bridal cosmetics world.

Style of wedding. Your wedding venue can influence what kind of bridal hair and makeup you should wear, such as loose waves and a bronzed glow for a beach wedding. Try a beautiful haircut like a sleek top knot or smooth curls if you’re getting married in a formal ballroom. Opt for a striking makeup look to match the venue’s intensity.

Time plays a significant effect as well. You can go for a softer beauty look if your wedding is a relaxed daytime occasion, but if it’s a black-tie evening affair, you’ll need a bolder appearance to stand out in the gloomy lighting.

Prepare your skin before the wedding day. You must perform the required things to appear the part, regardless of how competent or experienced your makeup artist is. Prepare ahead of time for last-minute emergencies like unexpected red eyes or puffy lips. Avoid trying new foods or drinks two weeks before the big day, and don’t try new facial or skincare products.

Wedding hair. It’s beneficial if your makeup artist and hairstylist get along. Schedule a trial session when both the stylist and the artist can work on you at the same time to avoid any potential disagreements or flare-ups. If your makeup artist is also your hairstylist, though, it’s a good idea to look through their hair portfolio to ensure you like the hairstyle as much as you like the makeup style.

Your personal style. It’s crucial to keep in mind that your wedding day is all about you. You should dress in a way that makes you feel at ease and confident. Start with that one element and work your look around it if you have a lip color or hairdo that makes you feel gorgeous no matter what. Maybe you’re wearing a dazzling headpiece, or you’re planning on smoking your makeup against the sea of candelabras that light up your reception hall. Make use of these details to guide your wedding hair and makeup.

Price and budget. Before meeting with your makeup artist, make sure you have a budget in mind. Aiming for quality would be an excellent place to start. Inquire with your makeup artist about the goods they’ll be utilizing and what you’ll be paying for in the end. Some brides even hire backup makeup artists in the unusual event that their leading makeup artist is unavailable on the big day. While this is costly, it will provide the bride with peace of mind and the assurance that she has a backup plan in place.