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Wedding Cars in the Hunter Valley

Wedding Cars Hunter Valley

Are you having a wedding and looking for the best Hunter Valley wedding cars to transport you and your crew? Well, I have photographed hundreds of weddings in the Hunter Valley so I can give you some advice on who you should choose.

Firstly, my personal favourite wedding car is your own car. Even if it’s a beat-up wreck of a car.. or even if it’s an Audi. I prefer you to use your own car because it has more sentimental value to you. Imagine yourself in 10 years time looking back at your wedding photos and seeing your old car in all the photos and how vintage it looked. You and your kids will absolutely love it. Throw a ribbon around it and it’s a wedding car!

If you do need transport on your wedding day because you don’t want to logistically work out how to get your cars from one place to another, then hire some nice cars. Here are my recommendations for the best Hunter Valley wedding cars.

Exclusive Vintage Wedding Cars

I have worked with Exclusive Vintage Wedding Cars back when I first started doing weddings in the Hunter Valley and they are awesome.

It is a family business and they own a whole fleet of vintage cars. The owner doesn’t drive the cars, but instead have some of the nicest guys driving for him. They are all retired and are so friendly and accommodating to couples. The cars are lovely, but its the service from his drivers that is what sells this wedding car vendor for me. They are all dresses up in fancy old-style suits and hats and nothing is too much trouble to these guys.

If you are looking for some Hunter Valley wedding cars that are vintage in style, then get in contact with Exclusive Vintage Wedding Cars.

A Complete Guide to Find the Perfect Wedding Car

Two glasses of Buck’s Fizz, an hour in the makeup chair, a few tears and a pep talk from your maid-of-honor later, you are ready to leave the mayhem behind and make your grand entrance in front of a roomful of relatives and friends and most importantly your future spouse. It does not matter if you need to make a five-minute trip across the village or an hour-long drive to your wedding site. Renting a wedding car will offer you the time and space to clear your brain, enjoy a bit of luxury, and arrive calm and ready to make your vows.

As with many other aspects of planning an important day, finding transportation for your wedding can be a bit tricky. It is not always easy to entrust your journey to others, but the right person can start your family’s happiness journey without worrying about anything. 

The perfect wedding automobile arrives on time, is within your budget, and is in keeping with the concept of your wedding.

Budget First: 

The cost of wedding car rental varies depending on the automobile, the distance, and how many vehicles you need. As with any aspect of arranging a wedding, begin your search with a specific figure in mind and work around it — not against it. It’s possible to save money by leasing a car for only you and the groom-to-be, who customarily travel together to the ceremony to save money. In cases when you reside within a few miles of the wedding location, your wedding vehicle rental business may agree to make two journeys – one for the bride and her bridesmaids and another for the mother of the bride.

Typically, you will need to put down a deposit before the event, so make sure you have the funds available, or you’ll miss out on your dream car.

Booking In Advance Is Recommended:

Most new couples tend to rent a wedding car before the big day. Whether you are getting married in the middle of winter or peak season, it suggests that you take good care of your wedding car. At least a few months in advance; otherwise, you may feel frustrated and will not find suitable transportation until the last minute.

Investigate Your Wedding Cars Carefully:

Whether you want a Rolls Royce, a VW Campervan, a horse-drawn Cinderella carriage, or a wedding limo worthy of a red carpet event, you will be able to choose the right vehicle for your special day. Find the perfect transportation for your day. You do not have to be extravagant to be famous for yourself. It does not have to be a lavish occasion; there are many alternatives, from helicopters to gondolas. Although, you will need to bring your lagoon.

Inevitably, there are a few practical considerations. It’s not the ideal choice for anyone staying more than a few miles away from the event. Your wedding planner may be able to make an arrangement to have a member of the bridal party drive you a reasonable distance, and then you can step into your carriage just before your ceremony.

It’s also a good idea to consider the size of your wedding dress concerning the size of your luxury sports automobile, for example. Even if your car is stunning, arriving at your location with a crumpled or distorted gown will bring additional stress and disappointment to your morning.

Summer weddings allow you to get some rays before the big day, but your hair and cosmetics may be affected by a breeze in an open-top car. Keep an additional silk scarf in your bag for your updo if you’re planning to travel in a convertible, and make sure one of your bridal party members has extra pins and mascara at the ready.

Make Sure You Know Your Options:

You can tell a lot about yourself by the car you drive. In some cases, you’ll want to match the vehicle’s aesthetic to that of your wedding’s theme. Many possibilities are available to you, including:

Vintage Cars:

Old-fashioned automobiles Go for a mix of the old and the new with cars made between 1919 and 1930. Vehicles from the 1940s to the 1970s are available for those seeking a more traditional approach. They refurbish to preserve their ageless charm.

Modern Cars:

Vehicles of the 21st century have more space and comfort than modern luxury vehicles. Even if you’re with the bridal party, you’ll be comfortable.

Exotic Sports Cars: 

A supercharged sports vehicle may be a unique alternative for your wedding. On your big day, you’ll likely be able to zoom around and make a statement. From a brilliant yellow Lamborghini Gallardo to a blood-red Ferrari, there are plenty of options.

Family Size Vehicles: 

An extended SUV is perfectly acceptable for traveling to your wedding venue, and no one is going to tell you otherwise. Taking a bus is also an option, especially if you’re traveling with a large party. Audis, Hummers, and many more are available. Don’t forget to decorate it and add the embellishments you see in other wedding automobiles.

Assure That The Wedding Car Rental Company Is Aware Of Your Plan:

Once they know the route, a dependable driver will build out a schedule for you and ensure that you arrive at the party on time – despite any last-minute panics about your hairstyles. If you’re driving to a different location for the reception, let them know. So they don’t plan another event for later in the day on the same day you’re going.

When you go to a reception elsewhere, the bride and groom traditionally leave together in the wedding car after the wedding. Participants of the wedding banquet who came with you on the way to the wedding!

Otherwise, the driver can wait outside the ceremony so you and your guests can take more pictures. Before the reception, you may like to take a twenty-minute drive around the region together.

Transportation For Your Guests To And From The Wedding:

It could be predominant to arrange transportation for your guests if the reception destination is far from the ceremony or if you believe they will have difficulty finding parking. As a result, your guests will arrive at the wedding venue in good spirits and in time to see you as newlyweds.