4 Best Hunter Valley Wedding Celebrants

Marriage Celebrants in the Hunter Valley

The Best Hunter Valley Wedding Celebrants

Are you searching for the best Hunter Valley wedding celebrants for your upcoming wedding? Well, you have definitely come to the right place. I have photographed 600+ weddings so I have seen a lot of Hunter Valley wedding celebrants over the years. I have seen wonderful, engaging professionals who marry couples in a personal and unique way. And I have seen a lot of celebrants who are so bad that they shouldn’t be doing this as a profession.

I recently read a survey done of 1400 marriage celebrants back in twenty nineteen, that showed some interesting results. And these results actually backup up my experience out in the industry. And it is also the reason I want to promote and recommend awesome individuals. 80% are female. 85% are aged over 50. And 55% performed between 0 and 9 weddings per year.

It is the last number that struck a chord with me. The vast majority of celebrants I see are just not good at their craft because they just don’t do enough weddings. The more you do something, the better you get at it. It’s the same with photographers and it’s the same with celebrants. If you are doing less than 10 weddings per year, every wedding would feel like your first. And you are not going to be very good.

So I’d love to share with you my favourite Hunter Valley wedding celebrants and why I like them and why recommend them. One thing is certain. Because these Hunter Valley wedding celebrants are individuals, their personalities on the day and their ceremonies are all totally different. And they are all awesome!

One thing I do want to say is that you cannot choose a celebrant based on price. This is the same with photographers and most wedding vendors. There is always someone cheaper… in fact if you look hard enough you will probably find someone who will do it for free. It will probably be crap, but it will be free. Carefully look through their website, follow them on socials and if their personality and style matches with yours, then get in contact. So without any more chatter, here are the best Hunter Valley wedding celebrants that I think are amazing that you should check out first.

1. Melanie Fell Agnew ‘Hitched in the Hunter’

hunter valley marriage celebrants

I have worked with Mel more times than I can count. I have probably worked with her over 100 times over the years and she is absolutely awesome. She is the benchmark of what other celebrants should be reaching for.

From a couple’s perspective, her ceremonies are all about you. The focus of the wedding ceremony is you, your story and your love. She gets your family and friends excited and engaged. And more often than not, couples are in tears when they say their vows. she also encourages her couples to have those moments of connection during the ceremony and to not get caught up just sharing at her.

From a wedding photographer’s point of view, she does everything right. She briefs her couples before the ceremony starts, she gets all the guests organised and in place. She stands in the right place, she doesn’t block the action or pop her head in for the first kiss. And she easily handles anything that a ceremony can throw at her…. like screaming kids, forgotten rings or bad weather.

If you are looking for a modern, relaxed and personal ceremony, then she should be one of the first people you should contact.

2. Nell Dark-Jones

The first time I worked with Nell Dark-Jones and saw her in action I was absolutely floored. Her ceremonies are so witty, humourous and fun. She has a wicked sense of humour. Yet she still makes the ceremonies totally unique and personal with just the right amount of emotion and tears.

I love that Nell is not your average celebrant. In fact, she is much much better than your average celebrant. She has a unique style and quirkiness about her, which I love. She wears lots of black, her hair is always a different colour and if you do visit her website you will see that she has a strong fondness for skulls. She is awesome and so are her wedding ceremonies.

3. Monty King

If you are looking for a marriage celebrant that is a real Aussie bloke, with an awesome sense of humour and will do a personalised ceremony that is perfect for you… then Monty King is the guy for you.

Monty King is one of the best Hunter Valley marriage celebrants around and calls himself a Love Rustler and a person who tells anecdotes and stories in a skillful and amusing way… or as he says… a professional bullshitter.

He tells your unique and personal story as a couple. He’s not going to do a generic ceremony that simply talks about what love and marriage is. Your story is what he is all about. And he is awesome in front of a crowd and will get everyone relaxed, excited for you and laughing. Check out his website and socials and I think you will know right away if your personalities will match. But trust me Monty King is awesome!

4. Monty Haron “Holymatrimonty”

Monty Haron Holymatrimonty

There is no celebrant quite like Monty Haron. He is an awesome whip cracking, cowboy boot wearing, budgie smuggling, guardian gayngel, tattooed, Hunter Valley wedding celebrant. And I love that he calls himself a ‘minister of love, not religion’.

His ceremonies are really fun, engaging, and full of laughs. And like the other celebrants I have listed above, he keeps his ceremonies focused you as a couple and not generalisations of what marriage and love is.

Have a look through his website and socials and you will see his personality shine through. And you’ll also see some pretty crazy and fun things that he has done at weddings. He is so confident and so good in front of a crowd. But I have done elopements with him where it is just the couple and him with no guests, and his ceremonies are just as good. Really personal and beautiful, so check him out.

So there you have it, my recommendations for marriage celebrants that you should contact for your Hunter Valley wedding. Please don’t underestimate the importance of a really good wedding celebrant. You are making a legal but most importantly an emotional and spiritual connection to each other. So choose a celebrant who will give you a great experience and not put you and your guests to sleep.

Thanks for reading, and if you are still looking for a wedding photographer for your Hunter Valley wedding, then I’d love for you to check out more of my work. If you like what you see, then get in contact.

How To Choose a Wedding Celebrant

Before planning your ideal wedding, it’s essential to surround yourself with the most excellent people. And selecting the perfect wedding celebrant is a vital phase.

Consider this situation: you’re heading down the aisle, hoping your sweetheart will see you. When they turn their head to look at you, they have their hearts on their faces.

You are beginning to take your vows there next to your friends and family on arguably the most important day of your life, following days, weeks, months, or even years of preparation.

Among the essential individuals at your ceremony is the individual who stands behind you in front of so many attendees, greeting them and conducting the wedding.

They are the ones who are requesting you to spend your entire life forever, and the Celebrant Directory can help you locate the right celebrant for you as a pair!

You may want to have a festival-themed ceremony and need a celebrant who is willing to wear wellies. One might wish for a more formal dinner and enjoy the service to belong to a particular conventional framework. Alternatively, you could be a pair which is always late and requires a calm celebrant who wouldn’t mind a little more flexibility in the arrival time.

There are several days of behind-the-scenes preparation and documentation needed before the wedding. Therefore, your wedding celebrant will be present to accompany and rejoice with you. This implies that your celebrant must be well-organized, self-assured, informed, and meticulous.

That’s a lot of boxes to check, so do your homework ahead of time to locate the finest celebrant for your big occasion! However, with several alternatives available, how would you even start when selecting your wedding celebrant?

Well, we’re here to serve you! Allow us to assist you in locating the right celebrant; you deserve it. Here are a few pointers to help you choose the ideal celebrant for your big occasion!

How Can a Wedding Celebrant Help Me?

Consider for a moment exactly how your prospective wedding celebrant’s position entails before you beginning researching them.

A service conducted via a certified celebrant is a legal necessity for all weddings in many countries. These countries will complete your wedding and organize the service on the big occasion.

They’ll also start taking care of all the necessary paperwork needed to get your wedding acknowledged in such countries – one of the countries with strict legal requirements for such weddings in Australia.

If you’re having a destination wedding, your wedding celebrant would be ready to aid you in navigating any restrictions or requirements that may pertain to your selected location.

When it comes time to make your wedding legal, various nations have various processes. Therefore, your marriage celebrant may assist you in conducting the due diligence.

For individuals arranging a destination wedding, the easiest thing would be for your wedding celebrant to execute all of the formal elements and paperwork, either during or after the ceremony. On the marriage morning, they could still be engaged in organizing a “spiritual” wedding.

The celebrant would be there for you on a deeper personal basis in addition to fulfilling all of the regulatory paperwork.

They’ll discover everything there is to understand about you and your spouse, including your personal tales and the relationships, and assist you in tailoring your wedding to any cultural or religious customs you may have.

If you approach it in that manner, that’s a massive responsibility for one individual, and they play such a significant part on the big occasion. That’s why picking the right celebrant is so crucial!

Will the Celebrant Help Me Decide the Tone of My Wedding?

You’ve presumably attended several weddings or perused sufficient wedding brochures to choose the sort of service you want.

Decide tomorrow yourself if you want a casual ceremony with plenty of laughing and a laid-back vibe, or if you want your wedding to be official and maintain a conventional framework.

Or do you want a mix of things? That will serve as the basis for the research and will assist you in finding the perfect companion.

A competent celebrant can ask questions and collaborate with your preferences and help to produce anything unique. They should be able to read your humor, comfort, shyness, or anxieties and set you at peace so that their creativity gives you complete assurance on your big occasion.

Can a Wedding Celebrant Help Me Personalise My Ceremony?

There are numerous unique methods to make your marriage ceremony memorable. Through the help and supervision of your celebrant, you may include a traditional or customary element to any ceremony, from beach weddings to handfastings and much more.

Many celebrities concentrate on this kind of wedding, so look closely at their profiles and see what they’ve done before, making it one of your queries when looking for better details.

You could also wish to incorporate cultural or faith-based material. Because the procedure will be two-way and you will collaborate to produce a grand ceremony, your potential celebrant will either have expertise with this or be prepared to be influenced by the decisions and suggestions.

If you have concerns about personalization, the possibilities are infinite. That is why you’ve picked a celebrant who can provide a one-of-a-kind wedding.

Where Can I Find My Ideal Wedding Celebrant?

Don’t know how to start looking for the ideal wedding celebrant? The problematic aspect is filtering down your options because there are dozens of licensed celebrants to select from. Beginning with the following is a great place to start:

Wedding Events

The very first stage in your search for the ideal celebrant will be to observe weddings. Indeed, there are several internet listings. Finding the appropriate celebrant may be as simple as a Google search. Yet, attending a wedding ceremony enables people to see and speak with celebrants in person. Whenever you consider how private and meaningful their position is for the wedding occasion, this becomes priceless.

Take advantage of the various localized wedding events every year to meet several celebrants and observe whether you interact with one another. Would you be at ease, relaxed, confident, or comfortable?

Would it be uncomfortable and stressful, or is it something else? Utilize such marriage events to meet and get to know a celebrant in reality.

Suggestions from Family and Friends

It’s not enough for a wedding celebrant to appear great on the outside. In terms of bringing your wedding alive, individuals must have the proper charisma and appearance!

If you’d like to understand precisely how a celebrant operates on the big occasion, you should question others who have worked with them before.

Begin your research for a celebrant by approaching newlywed relatives and friends for suggestions depending on their wedding adventures.

Inquire about everything, including their personalities on the day and the behind-the-scenes management, preparation, and interaction.

Supplier Recommendations

The wedding business is a small, tight-knit society where everyone recognizes everyone!

Reap the benefits of this by approaching any wedding vendors you’ve previously contracted, such as the destination or your event coordinator, for their best celebrant suggestions.

Your preferred vendors are likely to deal with a range of diverse celebrants on weekends. They will also be prepared to provide you with unbiased suggestions acquired from previous adventures. Keep an eye out whether the same identity continues popping up; you could be onto something.

Important Questions To Ask Your Wedding Celebrant

Have you discovered your probable wedding celebrant? Here are the most important questions you should ask them during your first encounter…

How Much Will It Cost?

Discover how much your celebrant costs and when you will have to pay them. Because that is an essential criterion for planning your wedding cost, you should ask this first and perhaps the most crucial question.

Are There Any Additional Fees?

It would help if you also inquired about what this price entails and any associated costs to anything. Certain items, such as sound devices, may have to be provided by you.

What Is the Cancellation Policy?

Due to an emergency, you have to postpone or reschedule your marriage ceremony. Inquire whether the payment is kept and if returns are available. It’s also a good idea to inquire about the cancellation policy.

How Many Wedding Ceremonies Do They Perform per Day?

Many celebrants only serve one marriage per day. Some have many weddings scheduled. When they host over one ceremony each day, ensure they hang around for enough time for your wedding and won’t have to hurry off to some other location.

How Many Wedding Ceremonies Have They Performed?

You’re also curious regarding their experiences. Inquire about how long they’ve been in the service and also how many ceremonies they’ve done. Some celebrants only perform marriages, whereas others concentrate on naming and other sorts of rituals.

Do They Have Any Experience?

Until you’ve opted for a prayer celebration, you’ll want to be sure your wedding celebrant is qualified and licensed. Inquire whether they are lawfully capable of performing your wedding.

Will They Help You in Writing Your Vows?

Are you interested in writing your marriage vows but don’t know where to begin? Inquire with your wedding celebrant about example quotations or vows, both conventional and non-conventional, that you may include.

What Equipment Do They Offer?

Many celebrants have their very own PA systems, and when they don’t, ensure to inquire ahead of time. Inspect for reliability as well, depending on the destination of the event. You may have to lease additional equipment. A signature table and chairs are also available to certain celebrants.

How Many Meetings Are Needed Before the Wedding?

Although many wedding celebrants can accommodate as many appointments and telephone conversations as you need to organize the perfect ceremony, others may only provide one face-to-face appointment as part of their program.

Do They Do Ceremony Rehearsals?

Once you’ve created the ideal ceremony, you’ll require practice to analyze how good it looks and if it’s exactly how you imagined it. The celebrant may perform a practice run in their workplace or perhaps a complete rehearsal at your location. Ask them however they want to go about it ahead of time.

How Soon Will They Arrive?

Your celebrant must come at least a good 20-30 minutes before the event to establish the audio system and maybe inform everybody engaged in the wedding. Ask them how early they usually reach the venue to guarantee they will be on schedule.

Will You Have To Submit Any Paperwork?

Inquire with your celebrant about the documentation you’ll have to complete before the ceremony and the timeframes for filing it. They will have to file the marriage certificate following the ceremony, so ensure it’s in place.

So, What Can You Expect From Your Wedding Celebrant?

Now, what responsibility should your wedding celebrant have in your marriage celebrations? It isn’t only about that beautiful moment when you and your spouse-to-be exchange vows. Your marriage celebrant will play an important role in the preparations before, throughout, and after the big event.

It’s critical to understand what to anticipate from your wedding celebrant and who is accountable for when and what. Preparations without any confusion will assist you in more explicit understanding and ensuring the process is going well.

Get in contact with them

You may acquire a solid sense of your selected celebrant’s personality in preparation by utilizing the Celebrant Directory, as well as reviewing their ratings, so you are well-prepared before approaching them.

However, because your celebrant will likely be a member of your ceremony experience for a long time, you must get along well with them. If you’re not sure, schedule a meeting and visit with them in person before deciding.

Final Thoughts on Hunter Valley Wedding Celebrants

Choosing a Hunter Valley wedding celebrant is a huge decision. Please, please, please don’t just choose the cheapest person you can find. Your ceremony will end up being boring, uninspiring and hardly the way you want to start your new life together.

I have been to over 600 weddings, so if you are having a Hunter Valley wedding, you have to trust me when I say these guys are awesome.