4 Best Hunter Valley Wedding Videographers

Wedding Videography in the Hunter Valley

Are you looking for awesome Hunter Valley wedding videographers? Well, let me first start by saying that I don’t offer video as a service. I only offer professional photography, but I do know of some amazing videographers in the Hunter Valley for your wedding that I am happy to recommend.

The one wedding supplier that can affect a wedding photographer’s work the most in a negative way is a wedding videographer. If you choose a videographer who has a completely different style to your photographers, then problems can arise. As a couple, you probably won’t notice, but it can affect the images and the sort of photos that I normally get.

For instance, my photography style is very candid with basically no posing and very little direction the entire day. I like the day to unfold naturally in front of me. I shoot most weddings solo. And my goal is for you to let down your guard, relax and just be yourself. That is when I find I get the best photos and the photos that are the most genuine. So if you choose a videographer or videographers who shoot the opposite to this, then it can affect my work or just make my day really frickin hard.

I am pretty easygoing and can actually work with most videographers, it’s only those videographers that get way too close to the action. Especially during the wedding ceremony, reception, or any key moments. If they get too close and block my view, then there I can’t capture the moment.

There is one easy solution to this. Choose one of the best Hunter Valley wedding videographers that I have listed below. I have worked with them all on numerous occasions. They all have a similar shoot style to me and they all do amazing work.

1. Hunter Valley Video

Corey and Sam from Hunter Valley video are the two people I have worked with the absolute most. I’ve lost count of how many times we have worked together. Sam normally does the mid-week weddings and Corey does the weekend weddings.

Their style is super candid and photojournalistic. I remember talking to Corey about their style and he said that whenever he tries to influence the day, the footage just isn’t genuine. So he prefers to capture those in-between moments, which is what I also love to capture.

If you are looking for Hunter Valley wedding videographers that are super relaxed, fun and easygoing, then it’s hard to go past Hunter Valley Video.

2. Design Patrol Films

Matt and Tash are a husband and wife team and the wonderful humans behind Design Patrol Films. And they are awesome Hunter Valley wedding videographers.

I really love their films. They are just beautiful, loving, and a bit quirky. They mix black & white into the edit and I love the timeless quality it gives to the film. I also love the way they edit their work and the colour grading done to the video. But most of all, I love the fly on the wall style of capturing the day. It is real, honest and simply beautiful. They are lovely people and their work is awesome! Contact them quickly because they book out!

3. Amico Films

Aaron from Amico Films is an absolutely awesome guy who is a frickin artistic genius.

I remember shooting a wedding with him and then watching his film and my jaw literally dropped to the floor. His storytelling was simply stunning and the way he shot the day was romantic and beautiful.

Please go to his website and watch some of his work. His style is different from the others I have listed here which is awesome. and if you like it as much as I do, then get in contact with him.

4. Bonnie Lass Films

I have worked with Bonnie a few times now and I just really enjoy working with her on wedding days. She has a laid-back, easy-going nature and her work is beautiful.

She has a similar philosophy to me in that she believes that if the couple is enjoying themselves and having a great time at their wedding, then the footage she gets will be great. It is more important that you have a great experience and this really shows in the footage she captures.

She is a young and enthusiastic creative and you can see that she is pushing herself artistically all the time in her work. Always using new techniques and trying new things. She is getting really busy, so check out more of her work and book her in.

Wedding Videography Style

Wedding photography is still one of the most popular ways in which people look back at their big days by reflecting through photographs. But what about those moments captured in the video? A great wedding film will show all these precious details. Video captures the live moments and is the best way to relive all of your wedding day emotions.

When it comes to the wedding day, videography is now a must-have. The popularity of this option has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years with 51% of couples including them as part of their special occasion. Video is one of the most important things to have at your wedding. It’s what you’ll remember after all those memories fade into oblivion, and it will be a reminder that such happiness was possible in this lifetime.

The decision on whether to have a videographer at any wedding ceremony should never come down without considering what kind of video footage would fit perfectly into this once-in-a-lifetime experience we are about to embark upon together as newlyweds.

You’ve probably already put some thought into how you want your pictures from your wedding day to look. It’s time to get creative with your wedding video! Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so you want to be sure that it’s properly documented. The key thing here is consistency.

A great videographer can also take the pressure off of making those critical decisions by giving you lots of choices and letting your personality shine through in every frame. You’ll be able to find that one special video clip you’ve been searching around for, or if you want a full-length feature film with all of the bells and whistles then we have plenty of options available as well!

I can’t help but love the popularity of wedding teasers. It gives a quick snapshot of what an amazing videographer might have to offer! If you are still unsure on which style is right for your needs, here are some popular styles that may be perfect for you:


The most popular video choice for weddings may be cinematography – 37% of couples hire them as they prepare to tie the knot.

You deserve a wedding video that captures the whole world. A cinematic style will highlight those small moments of beauty and love, as well as all your plans to make this day perfect for you and your partner – from the ring exchange to decorating with friends before the ceremony begins.

Imagine turning your wedding day into a movie with the focus being on how it was made. Your vows and speeches will be captured in a creative way with photos, videos, overlays of your wedding day. This video will help you remember the day, whether it’s for years to come or now. You can create a more stylized film that gives an even better movie feel than before and impress your friends with this impressive footage.

If you want your wedding day to be a movie, talk with your videographer about all the different ways that they can make it cinematic. You’ll need both soundtracks and voice-overs of course!

Traditional and Romantic

29% of couples prefer to have a traditional and romantic style for their wedding videography. For some, traditional wedding videos are all they need to remember their special day. They will likely capture those important parts of your day such as vows and speeches with minimal editing or transitions between scenes.

With the passage of time, many old traditions have been forgotten or lost in translation. One tradition that’s done just this is editing a wedding video into highlights and not showing all aspects of the event from start to finish as most traditional weddings might be edited. Imagine your wedding all over again, but without the mistakes and mishaps. That’s what a good videography company can do for you!

Videographers are doing more than just capturing the day, now they’re creating a little teaser video to share with friends and family. It’s never a good idea to host an open house viewing for your parents. I do like that this is more suited for those close and dear, rather than showing off in front of the whole family though!


The documentary style is the third most popular wedding video format, with 22% of couples opting for this. A stylistic film edit will be used to make these scenes more cinematic and dramatic. It is difficult to compare cinema and documentary filmmaking, as they differ in many ways. Documentaries are more journalistic while movies have a dramatic feel. Documentaries give people a chance to see the excitement before they tie the knot. The interviews with family, friends, and of course prospective spouses are more than enough for us viewers to get excited about this upcoming event as well. Even if you’re terrified of being in front of a camera, it’s worth trying to capture the emotion on your big day.

This wedding video style will go through the entire course of your day one by one. Let’s take a look at the timeline of your big day. You’ll need to get ready before heading out for all those pictures with just you and your partner, then it will be time for exchanging vows, followed by more photos as you head into the reception!

Documentaries allow you, the couple, a space where all your emotions can be expressed freely. With each rewatch, you can notice little things that you missed before, which makes reliving those moments all the more fun!


A nostalgic style of dress is the last major popular choice in weddings. 12% of couples choose this as their wedding day attire, which will make for a beautiful and enchanting event that could not be more perfect if it tried. Vintage editing is an old-timey way to give your video a retro feel. Adding filters or using film cameras and different lighting can really bring back the nostalgia of these videos, which were popular in the 1970s!

Vintage style videos look great with a rustic, boho or vintage theme. These themes already carry the setting and atmosphere of your video so it will only make capturing that easier to do!

If you’re looking for a style that is both candid and stylized, it would be wise to consider vintage video. This type of footage captures the more intimate moments without being too staged or stiff.

Final Thoughts on Hunter Valley Wedding Videographers

I hope this list of my favourite Hunter Valley wedding videographers has narrowed down your choice a bit for your wedding. These guys here are all wonderful people and they all do wonderful work.

I word of advice for couples thinking of getting a really cheap or budget videographer. Really think about this. Some of the worst experiences I have had at weddings are with people who are really cheap, just starting out in the industry, or are doing it as a gift to the couple. Everyone has to start somewhere but often they dont know how things work will will get in the way of the action at key moments.

I always try to work with videographers so they can get their footage and most people are pretty easy to work with. And then there are some that just dont care.

This videographer stood 1 metre from everyone during the speeches. You can see how close he is. And he didn’t move. He blocked the view for a lot of guests and I think its just rude and inconsiderate.

Hire an awesome professional to do your video. It may cost you more but the results and the experience will be well worth it. Especially in 10 or 15 years time when you are watching your wedding film with you kids.

I have worked with heaps of other videographers, but these are my favourite Hunter Valley wedding videographers. Choose one of them and you are pretty much guaranteed of an awesome film.