Private Property Wedding

We are so excited to share this totally epic Hunter Valley private property wedding with you all. And I am also excited to show people how good a wedding at your own home or property can be.

When couples are planning a wedding, they immediately think of what region they want, and then they look at wedding venues in that region. Which is totally fine and normal. But I would love for more couples to think closer to home. And think if they could potentially do a wedding at their own home or private property.

I have done a lot of weddings and I have been to a lot of couples personal homes or family homes when they are getting ready on the morning of the wedding. And some of these places are just awesome. And would be perfect for a wedding.

So here is my advice. If you have a large home or a private property in the Hunter Valley with a little bit of land, then at least consider having your wedding there. It could be your property, your parent’s farm, or a family member’s land.

I just love private property weddings. The main reason I think you should do it is because the wedding and the wedding photos will have so much more meaning to you. And you will get photos that no one else will ever get.

Imagine in fifteen years time, standing in the backyard with your two kids, your dog, and your daughter’s pet guinea pig, and telling them that this is where you got married. This is where we said our vows, this is where we did photos, etc. How amazing would that be?

A private property wedding at your own home will have so much meaning to you. Particularly as your family grows and your property changes over time.

The one thing I would say about private property weddings and in particular, marquee weddings, is that you shouldn’t go into it thinking that you will save money. Because for the most part it will cost more or the same and using a proper wedding venue.

Quality marquee hire is not cheap. It is not just putting a tent up. Marquee companies will put a solid floor in. Make sure it is level and not sloped. Then the marquee has to be transported there, assembled, and securely constructed so that it is safe in all sorts of weather. After the wedding, it has to be packed down again and cleaned. And any damage needs to be repaired. This takes a lot of work, a lot of labour, and a lot of hours. Over numerous days. So you can see why it is not cheap.

I have photographed other private property weddings where the couple has gotten around this by dining under the stars, with only festoon lights. Or used a huge hay shed as the venue. But if you had to choose between a wedding venue and your own property, I would definitely push you towards your own property. For the uniqueness, and the meaning that it will give you.

So please scroll through this beautiful private property wedding. I think it will show you that you can have your wedding just about anywhere. Choose a beautiful location, set up a marquee, and have the wedding of your dreams.

This beautiful private property wedding was styled by The Wedding Designers.

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