Hunter Valley Church Weddings

Guide to churches in the Hunter Valley for your wedding

Hunter Valley Church Weddings

This is your ultimate guide to Hunter Valley church weddings? In particular, I’ll tell you about the religious churches around the Hunter Valley region that you can get married in. If you are just looking for a cute chapel to get married in with your celebrant, then check out our “Hunter Valley wedding chapels“.

Finding a church can be a challenging task because there are literally hundreds of churches in the Hunter Region. And thousands of churches in NSW. And church weddings all depend on your religion.

In Australia, according to the census, there are over 100 religions. 30% to 40% of Australia are not religious or don’t say. And the top religions in Australia are, according to the 2016 census :

Protestants make up the largest religion in Australia with 23.1% of the population – (Anglican 13.3%, Uniting Church 3.7%, Presbyterian and Reformed 2.3%, Baptist 1.5%, Pentecostal 1.1%, Lutheran .7%, other Protestant .5%)

Roman Catholic is the second largest religion in Australia with 22.6% of people.

Other Religions in Australia are Christian 4.2%, Muslim 2.6%, Buddhist 2.4%, Orthodox 2.3% (Eastern Orthodox 2.1%, Oriental Orthodox .2%), Hindu 1.9%, other 1.3%

So churches in the Hunter Valley region are primarily either Protestant (mainly called Anglican Churches) or Catholic churches. This also makes sense as this was the main religion of the European settlers who farmed and mined the Hunter Valley region. Therefore I am really going to cover these two churches in this article.

And you can pretty much get married in any local church. But be aware that the church will have some rules of their own so that the marriage is valid in the eyes of God. One of you will have to be of the same faith, you might have to be Baptised, you may have to use their minister and you may have to do several counselling sessions. And I’m sure there are many more.

There are so many churches in the Hunter Valley, but I’m only going to tell you about some of the ones I have photographed, the ones that look nice and only the ones that I think will be helpful for your Hunter Valley wedding. Then I will list all the churches I know of so you can find one that is close to you.

So in no particular order, here are some awesome Hunter Valley churches that might be perfect for your religious wedding.

1. St Peter’s Anglican Church, East Maitland

If you are looking for an Anglican church for your wedding that is grand in every sense of the word, both inside and out, then you would have to look at St Peter’s Anglican Church in East Maitland.

This heritage-list church is one of the oldest churches in Australia, after being established in 1834. Designed in a 14th century gothic style, it was originally designed to have a tower and spire ‘of great height’ to be built at a later date. But even without this, it is a very impressive building for a wedding ceremony.

This church reminds me of some of the larger churches in the Sydney CBD in its grandness. Huge marble columns, gothic style arches, historic pipe organ, massive stained glass windows, sandstone walls, high pitch roof, and beautiful furnishings. No expense was spared to build this church and it is a landmark in the local community.

St Peter’s Anglican Church is an absolutely stunning building and it photographs really well. It is enormous and can hold weddings of up to 500 people. The gardens around the church are large and beautifully maintained. So unlike a lot of churches, they are great for family photos and for wedding portraits of the two of you.

Something important to note is that you do not need to be a member of the Anglican Church to get married here. So if you are looking for a Hunter Valley church then you have to check out this church in person and see just how good it is.

Address: 47 Willian Street, East Maitland, NSW

2. St Johns Anglican Church Wollombi

St Johns Anglican Wollombi wedding

Set in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range, in beautiful Wollombi Valley, sits the 19th-century church, St Johns Anglican. St Johns Anglican Church Wollombi.

This is a heritage-listed building that was constructed from 1846 to 1864. And it is a gorgeous church built of sandstone and wood in the Gothic tradition. It also is in its original condition so very little has changed. The only thing about this church is that it is tiny. I don’t know exact numbers but I think 40 people would be a pretty tight fit.

Address: 2985 Paynes Crossing Rd, Wollombi NSW

3. Sacred Spaces Singleton

sacred spaces singleton wedding
Sacred Spaces, Singleton wedding

Sacred Spaces is the Convent of Mercy located in Singleton and is a Catholic Chapel and one of the grandest in the Hunter Valley region. And it also has some of the most beautiful and well-maintained grounds that I have ever seen in an Australian church.

It originally opened as The Singleton Convent “motherhouse, in 1909. And during that time it housed all the Sisters residing in the Hunter Valley. Since 1995 the Convent has been part of the Sisters of Mercy and has become known as a beautiful heritage site, open for tours, concerts, and also weddings. A community of sisters still live in parts of the convent grounds.

When you first enter this property you are greeted by beautifully tended gardens and an impressive Convent building where the Sisters reside. Walking around to the side of the property there is another building where The Chapel is located.

The Chapel at Sacred Spaces is a unique setup where instead of the church pews facing the front like many churches in Australia, they face each other. This is fairly common for churches and chapels where it belongs to a ministry or school. It is designed so they can all chant and sing together. At Sisters of Mercy, the pews are called the Sisters Choir Stalls. This is a beautiful and open design for weddings.

UPDATE: Since September 2020, Sacred Spaces has officially closed, in part because of the impact of Covid-19. The Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea decided that due to the level of funding per annum required to subsidise Sacred Spaces to enable the ministry to continue, as well as to maintain the building and site is financially unsustainable now and into the future.

This is such a historical and iconic building in the Singleton area that I believe that someone else will take over this property. Hopefully, it will reopen for weddings in the future. But I will keep this page updated if anything eventuates.

Address: 30 Queen St, Singleton NSW

4. St James’ Anglican Church Morpeth

Located in the town of Morpeth is a heritage-listed Anglican church called St James’ Anglican Church. It is a historic landmark in the Morpeth landscape with the church being nearly founded in 1837. The large Tower at the front of the church is the only part of the original church. And the pews that your wedding guests sit on, date back to 1875.

The church simply looks lovely in wedding photos. The entrance is impressive and there is a lovely large stained glass window behind the altar which makes a great backdrop for your ceremony. The church can hold up to 200 people and there is heaps of street parking around the church.

If you do have your wedding ceremony here, there is a beautiful tree-lined path right across the road which is awesome for wedding photos. And the town of Morpeth also makes a great backdrop for other photos.

If you are looking for a church and your wedding reception is in the Morpeth or Maitland areas of the Hunter Valley, then this is a great option for you.

Address: 19 Tank St, Morpeth NSW 

5. Saint Michaels Church Wollombi

This Wollombi Catholic Church is one of the oldest Catholic churches in mainland Australia. It has had a long and important role in the local community. And that includes weddings.

The foundations of Saint Michaels Wollombi were laid back in 1843. And it was built using locally quarried sandstone. The church was then totally flooded in 1893 by the ‘great flood’. Which devasted much of the Hunter region and killed 8 people. After the flood, the church was totally dismantled and moved and rebuilt stone by stone, to its current location. Right in the centre of town up on a slight hill. In 1991 it was up for sale and the local Wollombi community, through fund-raising, donations and a loan, bought this historic church. And they lovingly restored this church to what it is today.

Now anyone can get married here. They accept not only Catholic weddings but also all other denominations and civil ceremonies. So you may bring your own pastor or celebrant to conduct your ceremony.

So if you are getting married somewhere in Wollombi and need a beautiful and historic church then you should check out Saint Michaels Wollombi.

Address: 2887 Wollombi Rd, Wollombi NSW 

Anglican Churches in the Hunter Valley Region

Beresfield/Thornton Alglican Churches

  • St Paul’s Alglican Church – Lawson Avenue, Beresfield
  • St Michael’s Alglican Church – Government Road, Thornton 

Branxton/Lochinvar Alglican Churches

  • St John’s Alglican Church, Cessnock Rd, Branxton
  • Holy Trinity Alglican Church, Cantwell Rd, Lochinvar

Cessnock Anglican Churches

  • St John’s Alglican Church – Westcott Street, Cessnock 
  • St Luke’s Alglican Church – Wollombi Road, Millfield 

Clarence Town Alglican Churches

  • St John’s, Clarence Town – 36 Grey Street, Clarence Town
  • St Andrew’s, Seaham – Warren Street, Seaham
  • St Thomas’, Glen William – Glen William Road, Glen William
  • St Barnabas’, Booral – 2296 The Buckets Way, Booral
  • St Columba’s, Karuah – Tarean Road, Karuah

Denman Anglican Churches

  • St Matthias Anglican Church, Denman – 35 Palace St, Denman
  • St Marks Church, Wybong – 1161 Ridgelands Rd, Manobala
  • St Martins Church , Martindale – 710 Martindale Road, Denman
  • St Lukes. Widden – 50 Palace St, Denman
  • St Matthews, Mt Dangar – Mount Dangar Rd, Baerami

Gresford/Paterson Anglican Churches

  • St. Anne’s, Gresford – Church Street, Gresford
  • St Mary’s, Allynbrook – Allyn River Road, Allynbrook
  • St John’s, Vacy – Gresford Road, Vacy
  • St Paul’s, Paterson – Duke Street, Paterson

Maitland Anglican Churches

  • St Mary the Virgin Anglican Church – 68 Church Street, Maitland
  • Saint Peter’s Church – 49 William Street, East Maitland

Merriwa Anglican Churches

  • Holy Trinity, Merriwa – 40 Bow St Merriwa
  • St Columba of Iona Anglican Church, Casillis – Cassilis Rd, Cassilis

Mt Vincent and Weston Anglican Churches

  • St Paul’s, Kurri Kurri – 118 Lang St, Kurri Kurri
  • St Mary’s, Weston – First Street, Weston
  • Christ Church, Mt Vincent – Mount Vincent Road, Mt Vincent

Morpeth Anglican Churches

  • St James’, Morpeth – 19 Tank St, Morpeth

Murrurundi Anglican Churches

  • St Paul’s, Murrurundi – 33-41 Mount St Murrurund

Muswellbrook Anglican Churches

  • St Alban’s Church – Cnr Brook Street & Hunter Terrace, Muswellbrook
  • St Mark’s Church – Moray Street, Aberdeen
  • St Paul’s Church – Castlerock Road, Spring Creek 

Newcastle Anglican Churches

  • Christ Church Cathedral – 52 Church Street, Newcastle
  • Saint Stephen’s – Brunker Rd Adamstown
  • All Saints ANeW – 33 Regent, St, New Lambton
  • St Peter’s, Hamilton – 148 Denison Street, Hamilton
  • St. Matthews, Georgetown – 7 Wentworth St, Georgetown
  • Church of the Good Shepherd – 99-101  Joslin Street, Kotara
  • St John the Baptist, Lambton – 18 Morehead Street, Lambton
  • St Augustine’s, Merewether – Cnr Llewelyn & Winsor Streets, Merewether
  • St Andrew’s, Mayfield – 31 Church Street, Mayfield
  • St Mark’s Kailo Spirituality Centre, Islington – 7 Norfolk Street, Islington
  • St John’s Anglican Church, Newcastle – Corner of Darby, Parry & Dawson Streets.Cooks Hill 
  • St Luke’s Wallsend – 22 Metcalfe Street, Wallsend

Raymond Terrace Alglican Churches

  • St John The Evangelist – 45 Sturgeon Street, Raymond Terrace

Scone Anglican Churches

  • St Luke’s Alglican Church, Scone – Cnr Hill & Liverpool St, Scone
  • St Jude’s Alglican Church, Bunnan – 2-4 High St, Bunnan
  • St Matthew Alglican Church, Gundy – Cnr Miller & Duke St, Gundy
  • Union Alglican Church, Moonan Flat – 26 High St, Moonan Flat

Singleton Alglican Churches

  • All Saints’ Church, Singleton – 40 High Street, Singleton
  • Church of the Good Shepherd, Belford – Bell Road, Belford 
  • St Andrews Anglican Church , Broke – Wollombi Road, Broke
  • St Marks Anglican Church, Bulga – The Inlet Rd, Bulga
  • St Columba Anglican Church, Goorangoola – Goorangoola Creek Rd, Goorangoola 
  • St John the Baptist Alglican Church, Reedy Creek – Mirannie Rd, Reedy Creek
  • St Phillip’s Alglican Church, Warkworth – High Rd, Warkworth

Telarah/Rutherford Alglican Churches

  • St Christopher’s Rutherford – Corner of Verge St and Gillies St, Rutherford

Williamtown Medowie Mallabula Alglican Churches

  • St Saviour’s Williamtown – 12 Cabbage Tree Rd, Williamtown
  • St Francis’ Medowie – 5 Brocklesby Rd, Medowie
  • Holy Name Mallabula – 8 Strathmore Rd, Mallabula

Wollombi Anglican Churches

  • St John’s Anglican Church – Paynes Crossing Road Wollombi

Catholic Churches in the Hunter Valley Region

  • The Immaculate Conception Broke- Wollombi St, Broke NSW
  • St Joseph’s Cessnock- 6 Cumberland St, Cessnock NSW
  • St Paul’s Glendon Brook- Glendonbrook Road, Glendon Brook NSW
  • St Mary’s Dungog- 55 Brown St, Dungog NSW
  • St Patrick’s Clarence Town- 41 Rifle Street, Clarence Town NSW
  • St Helen’s East Gresford- 11 Park St, GresfordNSW
  • Sacred Heart Summer Hill – 506 Summerhill Road, Summer Hill via Vacy NSW
  • Holy Spirit Kurri Kurri- 100 Barton St, Kurri Kurri NSW
  • St Francis Xavier’s Abermain- Cnr Harle & Church Sts, Abermain NSW
  • St Patrick’s Singleton- Queen Street Singleton, NSW
  • St Brigid’s Branxton- 44 Station St, Branxton NSW
  • St Catherine’s Greta Branxton St, Greta NSW
  • St Patrick’s Lochivar 55 New England Highway Lochinvar, Lochinvar NSW,
  • St Bernard of Clairvaux Denman 41 Paxton St Denman
  • St Joseph’s East Maitland- Cnr New England Hwy & King St, East Maitland NSW
  • Holy Family Largs – 11 John Street, Largs NSW
  • St Colmbia’s Paterson – Cnr Prince & Church Sts, Paterson NSW
  • St Anne’s Merriwa- 9 Vennacher St, Merriwa NSW
  • Sacred Heart Campbell’s Hill Maitland- New England Hwy, Campbell’s Hill NSW
  • St Paul’s Rutherford- 10 Young St, Rutherford
  • Immaculate Conception Morpeth- Cnr George & James St, Morpeth NSW
  • St Joseph’s Murrurndi- 59 Polding Street, Murrurundi NSW
  • St James Muswellbrook- 65 Brook St, Muswellbrook NSW
  • St Thomas’ Aberdeen- Segenhoe Street, Aberdeen NSW
  • Blessed Virgin Mary Queen of Peace Scone – Cnr Park and Short St, Scone NSW
  • Immaculate Heart of Mary Moonan Flat- Moonan St, Moonan Flat NSW

Hunter Valley Church Weddings Conclusion

We hope this page has helped you along on your wedding planning journey. The Hunter Valley has so many religious churches for your wedding. And the majority I haven’t personally seen. So it’s worth checking them out in person and seeing which one works for you best.

And if you are still planning your wedding and looking for a fun, relaxed, and candid wedding photographer for your big day, we would love to be considered. Check out more of our work, and get in contact if you like what you see.