12 Stunning Maitland Wedding Venues

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Maitland has some of the most wonderful wedding venues in all of the Hunter region. And it is different from other parts of the Hunter Valley. You don’t just get a standard vineyard wedding in Maitland. There are historic manors, rustic and industrial venues, beautiful cottages and even a gaol where you can get married in. Maitland is a historic country town and the wedding venues reflect this. It is definitely a great choice for couples that are looking for something more historic and unique.

Located in the lower Hunter Valley region of New South Wales, the city of Maitland is just 35 kilometres from Newcastle.

1. Mansfield House


If you are looking for a venue totally unique with some old world style and charm, then Mansfield House might be the perfect place for you. Built in 1887, Mansfield House is probably the most luxurious and opulent wedding venue in the region.

It is a former bank and has undergone extensive renovations to make it what it is today. Ceremonies can take place in its garden area and the wedding receptions take place inside the building. It can seat 110 people and do cocktail style receptions for up to 140 people. And when you book Mansfield House, you get exclusive access to the entire property.

Not every couple is looking for a rustic country wedding venue. Some couples would prefer something more elegant and refined. So Mansfield House makes an excellent choice for those couples. And it is great to see a wedding venue that is different and unique to the Maitland area.

2. Wallalong House


Wallalong House would have to be one of my personal favourite wedding venues in the Maitland area. It is a historic garden wedding venue that is stylish and elegant and it has a beautiful country backdrop. The property is centred around the historic homestead. This main house is where couples and their families are able to stay. Having this onsite accommodation is such a bonus for couples. It totally reduces the stress of a weddding day. And you can actually see the ceremony location from your bedroom.

The owners of Wallalong House have recently created another accommodation option onsite by totally renovating the old ‘stables’. It is now a one-bedroom rustic retreat that is a stones throw from the main house. This way a couple can both get ready onsite and still not see each other. It is often used for the Groom and his groomsmen to get ready in on the morning of the wedding. And is a great option for wedding night accommodation for the couple.

Wedding ceremonies take place out front of the homestead between four 200-year-old fig trees. They are a great backdrop for the wedding ceremony and provide great shade for those Summer weddings.

Wedding receptions Wallalong House take place towards the side of the property where there is a permanent Indian Tent around the pool and garden. The tent is really like a more beautiful marquee that has been placed on a polished concrete floor. What I love about the tent is that the side of it are open the majority of the time. Which allows your guests to enjoy the countryside views and also allows a lovely breeze thought the reception. It’s like having an outdoor country reception with the security of knowing that you have a roof in case the weather turns.

3. Tocal Homestead


Tocal Homestead is a Maitland wedding venue that is the perfect location if you are after a country, farm wedding venue. It is located on a large area of land on a beautiful rural setting and comes with farm animals, a barn, hay sheds, country buildings, a historic house and a modern barn reception venue.

Tocal Homestead itself is heritage listed and was originally built back in 1822. The building and the whole complex has a rich history in the area. And was an important part of the farming and agricultural industries of the time. Most wedding ceremonies take place out the front of Tocal Homestead, under one of the enormous Moreton Bay fig trees.

Wedding receptions take place in the totally renovated and fully air conditioned, barn which can hold up to 140 guests for a sit down dinner. One of the best things about the reception venue is that is it located on a small hill that overlooks the countryside and dam. At sunset it is one of the most stunning views.

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4. Albion Farm Gardens 


One of the first wedding venues developed in Hunter Valley is the Albion Farm Gardens. It is also among the favorite for those who are looking for a historic wedding venue. The 150 acres of stunning garden is comprised of Albion Farm, Albion Way, and Gracemere. The couples can have their wedding ceremony and the reception in one stunning location—no need for your guests to travel from one venue to another. 

The garden’s style and uniqueness will exceed your expectations. You have the option to have the ceremony in the rustic barn and the reception at the stunning Woodville Hall to complete your country wedding. 

The land is located one hour from the Central Coast and around two and a half hours from Sydney. You will love the lake vistas, rose gardens, wisteria walks, and sandstone walls. The gardens have been there for 40 years and will provide a magical atmosphere for your wedding. 

5. Mindaribba House


Mindaribba House is a unique wedding venue where you can have an amazing wedding day that will be remembered. The venue and property are quite old, having been built in 1872. However, it was completely restructured and renovated to meet the highest luxury standards. Mindaribba House is located in the Hunter valley next to the Paterson River. The landscape is definitely amazing and the property is simply beautiful with its gardens and scenery. It offers total privacy to the guests. There are no other buildings near so all you see it the Maitland countryside and farmlands. That gives you a space for enjoyment and fun with your friends and family. 

Mindaribba House is a truly charming place that provides different advantages and features. There is a modern swimming pool in the middle of the garden surrounded by fairy lights and two nice bars nearby. These are the places where the guests can mingle and have predinner drinks before the reception. The management team is available all the time, and the professionals can help you with the organisation and any other important aspects of the wedding day. Mindaribba House is one of our favourite Maitland wedding venues.

6. Walka Water Works


Walka Water Works is built in the 19th century, and the Maitland wedding venue has served different purposes until now. It is located in the Maitland District, and it is a popular recreational and picnic area for many. Walka Water Works has also served as an excellent place to organise a wedding ceremony, and it offers different advantages and is a rustic and industrial venue in comparison with some similar venues in Maitland. 

Walka Water Works is an excellent choice if you are planning to make a big ceremony with many guests. The venue is large, both inside and outside. There is plenty of parking, and the large garden give you the choice of an indoor or outdoor ceremony and reception. There is a quite large lake in the middle of the garden, and it is definitely an excellent place for wedding photos.

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7. Maitland Town Hall


Maitland Town Hall is located in the city center so the surroundings and landscape are quite different and more of a country town feel than some of the farm properties. This property is an excellent choice as a Maitland wedding venue. There is a lot of space inside so you can have a large number of guests. 

The entire venue is covered with air conditioning systems that support a pleasant atmosphere despite the weather conditions. Maitland Town Hall was built a hundred years ago, but it has been fully reconstructed so it has all the modern facilities that you would. The bar area as well as kitchen facilities are part of the building too. There is also a parking lot in front of the building so it is excellent for the guests with personal vehicles. 

8. Maddies of Bolwarra


Maddies of Bolwarra is a property built in the 19th century, and it currently serves different purposes. You can get a bed and breakfast there or organise a beautiful wedding. This property is quite popular as a wedding venue and many great ceremonies and celebrations have been held at that place. Big decorated gardens provide an excellent ambience for enjoyment and unforgettable events. Smaller facilities are part of the location, and these are great when it comes to personalised service. 

Maddies of Bolwarra provides different kinds of catering options depending on the size of the wedding. There is something suitable for small and medium groups as well as large weddings. The prices may vary in accordance with your needs, and you can check all the details with the management team. 

9. Ahambah House


Anambah House is situated in the country side’s pristine hills and features the Hunter Valley region’s incredible views and the lagoon. It displays the stunning old-world attraction enclosed garden for a unique wedding setting and private retreat. 

You will not regret having your wedding in this picturesque venue. Everything the couples need to make their special day an affair to remember is in one stunning location. The platform has a rustic designer element with a natural heritage for photoshoots and reception. 

The ambiance and the fresh air makes the ceremony solemn. The barn was redesigned to create a rustic wedding theme. You will love the ancient oak trees, and acres of pristine lawns are perfect for a lavish reception. 

The Anambah wedding venue has natural exposed timbers, industrial and rustic tones, and an open concept plan. The lawn area was decorated with lights to provide a perfect backdrop for the wedding reception. 

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10. Calvin Estate


Calvin Estate is a country wedding venue located in Maitland. And it is a beautiful choice for a wedding. There is onsite accommodation available, at Calvin Homestead, which means that you won’t need to travel anywhere on your wedding day. So once you arrive at Calvin Estate, you can relax there knowing that the entire weekend can happen at the one place

For the wedding ceremony, there are a couple of options available to you. The Wedding Rotunda with its country and water views, or Calvin Chapel, which is a great wet weather alternative. The wedding reception takes place in the Grand Barrell Hall which can cater to 150 guests or you can choose the Garden Courtyard if you are after an outdoor reception

11. Buttai Barn


Buttai Barn is a place that is known for a wide variety of different events. From Buckin’ Shows, Christmas parties, corporate functions and yes, even weddings. This Maitland wedding venue is perfect for couples looking for a beautiful country setting and the space can be customised to suit your wedding style or theme.

Wedding ceremonies can take place both indoors or outdoors. And you can have all your wedding photos done onsite. The reception takes place in the old fashioned Buttai Barn which oozes character and history.

Buttai Barn has operated for 38 years and was established in 1982, and there are many positive reviews about this awesome Maitland wedding venue. 

12. All Saints Woodville


All Saints Woodville is a picturesque, enchanting and romantic Maitland wedding venue. It is located just minutes from Maitland and is has a beautiful heritage-listed, gothic style sandstone chapel. The chapel looks absolutely beautiful in the country landscape and is a perfect location for your wedding ceremony. This beautiful old timber chapel is fully air-conditioned!! If you know anything about old country chapels then you know how hot they can get in Summer.

There is also an option to have a marquee onsite so you can have the wedding reception there as well. This is an old and beautiful chapel that is suited to rustic, vintage and boho styles of weddings.

Maitland Wedding Venues Conclusion

We hope this page has helped you along on your wedding planning journey. Maitland has some of the best wedding venues in the region and you can’t go wrong with any of these venues.

And if you are still planning your wedding and looking for a fun, relaxed and candid wedding photographer for your big day, we would love to be considered. Check out more of our work and get in contact if you like what you see.