Wedding Photographer Hunter Valley

“I tell the story of your day with

completely candid, documentary style wedding photography”

Wedding Photography in the Hunter Valley that is…

“completely candid”

“discrete and unobtrusive”

“timeless & classic”

Which means, that I cover the entire wedding (except for family photos) in a totally candid, unobtrusive and reportage style of shooting. So no posing at all! If you are the sort of person, where the thought if wedding photos just fills you with dread, then this is the style of photography you might need.

Completely Unobtrusive Wedding Coverage

If you look around this site and see the sort of photos I like to take, you will see that our approach to wedding photography is very natural with a ‘hands-off’ approach. You can call it anything you want from reportage wedding photography, documentary wedding photography, candid photography style or even wedding photojournalism. But in the end, it all is basically the same thing.

I won’t stop the natural flow of the day to get photos. I won’t pause proceedings, or set up shots, I won’t boss you around, I won’t break up conversations and ask people to pose for the camera. I won’t tell you to fake laugh or pretend to do anything. You really should barely know I am there and you can just concentrate on enjoying your day, knowing that an experienced professional wedding photographer will be there to capture every precious moment.

“Our mission at Wedding Photographer Hunter Valley is to capture fleeting moments and feelings
so that when you look back at your wedding photos, you will instantly relive that moment in time at your wedding.”

My documentary wedding photography style guarantees that my photos tell the true and unscripted story of your day. Not a sequence of poses or arranged photos that have no resemblance to the emotions, feelings, atmosphere of your wedding day. These days, weddings don’t need to be formal and stuffy, nor does the photography. The photographs at your wedding are the only things that become more valuable, important and significant as the years go on.

You have probably heard the phrase, “The cake gets eaten, the flowers die but your wedding photos will last forever”. It is an overused statement, but it does have some truth to it. After your wedding, as the years go on, the flowers, decorations, cake, the wedding dress, shoes and all those tiny details will be so unimportant to you. And as you start a family and show your children your wedding photos, which could be five or ten years from now, you will want to relive that day with them. Show them exactly what it was like. The joy, the tears, the emotion. Even the tastes, smells and sounds can be expressed and seen in photos.

Documentary wedding photography ensures the story of the day is told. One that is fluid and genuine and beautiful.

At the core of ‘Wedding Photographer Hunter Valley‘ is our core belief that your wedding photography should be photojournalistic and candid. By photographing your wedding candidly you will get real, genuine moments captured throughout the day and night.

Our typical couple…

  • wants beautiful, timeless photography.
  • doesn’t want to pose for photos.
  • doesn’t want to leave their guests for an hour or more to do a photo shoot with a photographer.
  • is a bit camera shy.
  • feels that the best photos of them are the natural candid photos.
  • wants photos of their guests laughing and having a great time, not staring at the camera.
  • wants to just enjoy and have an amazing time at their wedding.

It is important to me that couples enjoy their day and that photos don’t interfere or dictate the day. It is also important to me that we keep moments real and don’t contrive things, just because “it would make a good photo”. When you manufacture and set up moments you give the photos very little real meaning. When you look back at the photos, you will remember that that is when “we pretended” to do something.

This service is NOT for every couple

Every couple likes different photography styles. Some couples want their photos to look straight out of some glamourous bridal magazine where the train is perfectly placed out and there is light coming from every direction. Others want it more natural.

This wedding photography style is different from the way most Australian wedding photographers shoot weddings. So it is important to be aware that this is not a traditional wedding photography coverage and therefor my shooting style is different as well.

  • I won’t interfere with the flow of the day to get a photo. So I won’t direct you or your guests or tell you what to do in any way, shape or form.
  • I won’t get your wedding dress and hang it on a tree. Or put your rings on your bouquet or place your shoes on a window frame. I will photograph all those tiny details as is, exactly where you laid them out and build the story from there.
  • I won’t tell the best man to help the Groom with his jacket or tell your Mum to pin on your boutonniere. Because this is creating a moment that is not genuine. I will photograph the laughter, the nerves and the reactions of all the people there.
  • I won’t set up a flash behind the hairstylist and tell her to spray hairspray on you. But I will photograph your bridal party and parents reactions when they see you in your wedding dress for the first time.
  • I won’t tell your bridal party to pretend to fluff your dress or jump in the air like a Toyota ad. But I will photograph them laughing and hugging you.
  • I won’t stop conversations to get photos of guests looking at my camera. I will photograph them laughing, drinking and enjoying the atmosphere.
  • I won’t take you away from your guest for an hour to do a photoshoot. I will photograph you playing croquet, laughing with your friends or just the two of you having a quiet moment together.
wedding photographer hunter valley first dance

We love all different styles of photography

Professional Hunter Valley wedding photography at affordable prices

We understand that many couples are looking for affordable wedding photography options around the Hunter Valley. The top wedding photographers are more expensive because they are in high demand and get booked out years in advance. Particularly on weekends. That is why we offer more affordable mid-week options. By choosing to have a mid-week wedding, you will get some great photography at a very affordable and budget-friendly rate. Plus mid-week weddings might give you more wedding venue options and you could even potentially even get more affordable rates from other wedding vendors as well.

Our wedding experience was nothing short of amazing! We would give them more than 5 stars if we could! Leading up to the wedding they were very professional and accommodating, when planning and communicating about our big day! On the day you did an exceptional job to catch so special moments and he was so easy to work with. At times, he made us feel so comfortable, we completely forgot about the camera. We would highly recommend and would use them again for any occasion!

Many Thanks, M & J.

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