Hunter Valley Marquee Weddings

Marquee weddings in the Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley Marquee Weddings

Hunter Valley marquee weddings are such a wonderful option for couples looking for a unique location for their wedding. They give couples the opportunity to have weddings in locations that no one else has. And for that reason I really love them. On this page, I’ve listed some of my favourite marquee wedding suppliers in the Hunter Valley

Most couples when looking for a Hunter Valley wedding venue will look at the main wedding venues which are often lovely. But there are so many vineyards and private properties in the Hunter Valley that don’t have a reception room and therefore don’t do many weddings. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a wedding there and organise your own marquee instead.

So if you have a favourite location or vineyard in the Hunter Valley, there is always the option of potentially hiring a marquee on the property and having your wedding there. The benefit is that you will have your wedding at a location that very few people will have used before. Plus you are able to tailor the marquee to suit your needs.

I will say one thing about price. Don’t go into it thinking that it will be cheaper to hire a marquee for your wedding. Because it will not be. In fact, it will probably be more expensive than using a standard reception venue. There is a lot of labour required for set up and pack down of not just the tent, but also the floor. And everything has to be level as you don’t want people sliding down the dancefloor. And there are other things you may not have thought of such as the hiring of furniture, cutlery, toilets, heating etc.

So here are our recommendations for Hunter Valley wedding marquee that will do an amazing job of creating the wedding of your dreams.

1. Beavis Party Hire

I have worked with Beavis Party Hire many times over the years and I think they do some of the very best marquees for weddings anywhere in NSW. They are a family and locally owned business and they can supply everything you need for your marquee wedding.

Their wedding marquees are so much more than a tent, they are a beautiful high-class portable wedding venue. They have stunning marquees with silk-lined roofs, with fairy lights, lanterns, and chandeliers. All will have solid timber floors. So you and your guests will be in a proper room, and not just on the grass under a tent.

But I really love their clear-roof wedding marquees as it brings the outdoors inside. You still get protection from the elements but feel like you are dining out in nature. At night the marquee can still look beautiful with fairy lights all over the roof.

If you are looking for a wedding marquee in the Hunter Valley then contact Beavis Party Hire.

hunter valley marquee weddings

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Marquee Wedding!

The perfect wedding starts with the ideal setting. Choosing a venue for your wedding day can be overwhelming. It’s not easy to choose between the marquee hire in the Hunter Valley or traditional venues, but there are many reasons why marquees make fantastic locations! Consider some of these 10 points and see if it helps you with your decision-making process:

1. You Get To Choose Your Hunter Valley Venue

All you require is a patch of grass. The rest is upon us! You don’t even have to worry about it being perfectly flat – we have suspended floors that can level any bumpy field. This is your chance to get to your dream location. You can choose any beautiful plot of land that holds significance for you, whether it be somewhere you grew up or somewhere with fond memories. 

Looking to have your event stand out? There are so many better locations when it comes to the wonders of marquee hire, be it the magnificent coastline views or a picturesque country landscape. Several popular venues offer marquee receptions.

2. Your Hunter Valley Marquee Is Built Especially for You

No two weddings are the same – and your marquee is built for you, making it uniquely yours on your wedding day! Unlike small wedding venues with generic spaces designed for parties of any size, our marquis event rooms are custom-tailored per client request.  Whether you need it small, intimate, or large enough for hundreds, we have got you covered! We’ll help build the perfect atmosphere with our vast selection of customizable options.

3. You Get to Design Your Hunter Valley Marquee

Now is the time to explore your creativity and see what you can do with this space. There are many different ways that you can add the flair of your personality into an interior. The first step is deciding what type of style suits you best, and then there’s our wide variety to choose from: hiring furniture or marquee fairy lights,for example! 

A wedding marquee is a blank canvas waiting for your creativity to paint it. What do you want the design for your dream event? Pick and choose from different layouts with plenty of options, or create an entirely new format that suits all the individual needs in one easy location. From the reception area that’s within arm’s reach of any guest to a bar in sight, we have an idea for you. Plus, deciding what type of party is your vision might be hard—but not with our help! We’ll create it and make sure there are no hiccups along the way.

4. You Get to Show Off a Fabulous View

Marquee hire in the Hunter Valley is the perfect service for entertaining large groups of people under a roof. The great outdoors can be brought inside with marquees that are more durable than tents, and there’s no need to worry about rain when you have this type of marquee! If you can’t see the beautiful view from your marquee, then we want to make sure that it is situated in a way where guests may enjoy these sights. 

As a Queensberry or  Traditional pole marquees specialist, we are committed to ensuring that each of your guests can enjoy outside views while staying dry inside. Clear window walls and the use of natural light can help a space to feel lighter, airier, more open.

hunter valley marquee weddings

5. Marquee Hire Is a Blank Canvas to Create Your Own Theme

One of the best perks about marquee hire is that we can make your event as creative and exciting as you want it to be. Whether or not they’re themed, events at marquees are always better than what traditional venues have to offer because there isn’t any existing decoration for us to work around. 

A variety of different styles await you, so if it’s a modern design or vintage room that catches your eye, we have something for everyone. Our classic country themes are perfect. Choose one! We cater to all your party needs. From furniture hire in a variety of colors and designs for any occasion, you can imagine from our whisky barrels or festoon lights with cream chandeliers, ivory linings, and colored up-lights – giving you the perfect atmosphere that’ll transform your event into an unforgettable experience.

Our dance floors are more than just a place to step, shuffle and spin; they’re the focal point of any event. Our bespoke options allow you to create an unforgettable centerpiece for your wedding that will surely make all guests want to get up out of their seats!

There are so many different ways to set up your marquee hire before the big day, giving it a personal touch that will make you feel one with nature.

6. Less Restrictions on the Number of Guests

Imagine the joy of being able to plan your wedding with a marquee hire. You get the liberty to choose how many guests you want in attendance! Finding the right size for your tent can be tricky. You’ll want to make sure that it accommodates everyone, but you’re free to choose a structure based on how best suits your needs and style of camping. With a marquee, you’ll never be left wondering whether or not there’s enough space for your guests. For a big reception and small ceremony, you could hire two marquees – one for the ceremony and one for the wedding party’s celebration.

7. You Can Work Within Your Budget

A marquee wedding is perfect for both large or small budgets. You can have an event that’s as extravagant, elaborate, and expensive as you want! You can have your wedding cake, flowers, and venue all made to measure. With a range of suppliers catering to various budgets, you’ll be able to find the perfect match without compromising on quality or service. A marquee may initially seem expensive but remember, you can fill your day with anything! Save your family and friends some money by having them take on a few of the wedding tasks while you provide the bar with booze! You can have an elaborate or simple wedding, as long as it’s perfect for you.

8. You Get To Choose Your Own Caterer

Many couples find it easier to select their own menu when planning the reception, rather than being limited by what is offered at hotels or other venues. From black-tie, sit-down dinners to food vans doing hog roasts there is a wide range of event catering companies around. They use local producers to make sure that customers can enjoy a variety of dishes catering to all tastes, whether they’re on a budget or not! Check out our list of trusted providers who will have you and all of your wedding party feeling satisfied with their services. They are experienced, reliable, affordable – what more could you ask for in a catering company?

9. Let Your Personality Shine Through

You’re the star of this show, and it’s important to let your personality shine through. If you choose a marquee for your event, don’t expect just an empty building with walls and roofs. Whether you’re looking for a traditional wedding day or something different, it’s up to the bride and groom. Choosing a marquee as your wedding setting is like designing the day of your dreams. You can customize everything from colors to cake flavors, and even set up one-of-a-kind photo opportunities with the venue’s scenic backdrop!

10. You Get To Choose Your Finish Time!

With most weddings, the party usually doesn’t end too early. However, at a marquee wedding, you might be able to finish whenever you want. It totally depends on the property but this is always an option. With no pesky curfews or noise limits, there are endless possibilities for post-wedding festivities at a wedding venue. From chilled-out lunches to energetic country games, the space can be used right after the ceremony!