Best Hunter Valley Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes in the Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley Wedding Cakes

Are you getting married and looking for the best suppliers for Hunter Valley wedding cakes? I’ve shot heaps of weddings around the Hunter Valley and the wedding cake suppliers in the local area are simply amazing. The cakes that these chefs make are pieces of art and they taste great.

I normally don’t get to meet the wedding cake suppliers but I get to see their finished product. Here are the talented pastry chefs that I see all the time in the Hunter Valley that I know to beautiful work.

So in no particular order, here is our list of the best Hunter Valley wedding cakes.

1. Michelle The Cake Chef

Michelle Hanley is the owner of Michelle The Cake Chef and I have seen her cakes all over the Hunter Valley. She is very popular and for good reason. Her cakes look and taste amazing.

She is a business owner, qualified Chef, professional cake decorator and she also teaches cake decorating. So you are in very good hands and your cake will be a beautiful focal point at your wedding reception.

2. Bec’s Cake Creations

Bec’s Cake Creations has been in the Hunter Valley wedding industry since 2003 so way before I even started in wedding photography. They have tonnes of experience and I see their wedding cakes all over the Hunter Valley. In fact, the image at the top of the page is one of their incredibly intricate and beautiful cakes at a recent wedding. They are located in Rutherford and they do absolutely amazing cakes for your wedding day.

How to choose your wedding cake

Wedding cakes have never been more decadent, creative, and mouthwateringly beautiful than they are now. You’re spoiled for choice because of so many colors, flavors, and designs to choose from! So, how do you choose the perfect wedding cake for your special day? Here we will help you with some pointers:

Where did the tradition of having a wedding cake come from?

The roots of wedding cake go back to Ancient Rome when breaking cakes made from wheat or barley over a bride’s head was considered a symbol of good luck. Medieval England was known for the tradition of stacking spiced buns between a newlywed couple. If they could reach for a successful kiss above the stack, then it was said that their marriage would be prosperous and successful.

The tradition of preparing wedding cakes with minced fruit evolved over time, and according to the belief that it was a symbol of prosperity. This was also a way for newlyweds to share their joy with others at the celebration by giving them pieces as well.

The tradition of freezing the first layer of a cake is still alive and well. The idea behind this custom, which many couples partake in today, is that there should always be something to share with loved ones during special occasions such as weddings or baptisms if they can’t make it out for dessert themselves. Modern tradition dictates fruit cakes as the best choice for this ritual. However, almost any kind of cake is preservable in this way, regardless of the flavor.

Nowadays, wedding cakes are cut at a reception. Later, it’s served to the invited guests after dinner as an appetizer or dessert, depending on what time of day it was eaten in relation to lunchtime. Guests are often given bags that they can take home with leftovers for later enjoyment.

How to choose your wedding cake

We have compiled the key factors that you should consider to choose the best wedding cake for you:

Consider the flavors you like

The cake is a question of taste: some like vanilla, others chocolate; the only sure thing about your wedding day cake will be that there are as many flavors and options to choose from. For most brides-to-be, it can feel overwhelming at first, considering all the decisions you have to make for this day – but picking out what type of cake should not be one! Fruit cakes and mud cakes have long been traditional favorites, but these days, all kinds of flavors come into play, from vanilla to white chocolate or caramel, which satisfies even the most selective taste buds! However, for the couples without a preference for desserts, there are other options available such as cheese wheels in stacks or even baskets accompanied by crackers and grapes-a healthier choice than traditional cakes and pies!

Sharing a slice of strawberry cake on your first date is something you may want to keep in mind when thinking about what kind of wedding cake flavor might be special for the two of you. In the event that you and your partner don’t have any particular preferences, you can create a different flavor for each layer. It can be difficult to find a cake that satisfies everyone, especially when it comes down to the flavors. For those with allergies and intolerance’s gluten-free cakes are perfect! You’ll want your guests’ favorite flavor so you can ensure all tastes will be satisfied on this special day.

The cake suppliers are making their way towards more and more innovative flavors, with desserts ranging from Nutella to salted caramel. But the possibilities don’t stop there! You can also get your cake in a passion fruit or popcorn flavor if you’re feeling adventurous. However, you can narrow down the selection by having an open discussion with the supplier regarding what tastes and textures would be most appropriate for you. For example, a five-tier cake can only be made with dense flavors such as chocolate mud because of its height and weight.

Definitely taste the rich flavors before you finalize your cake. This is one of life’s great pleasures!

Know your wedding theme and style

You’ll want to make sure the cake fits the theme, color scheme, and style of your wedding. Consider whether you’re going for a vintage vibe or are more modern – this will influence what colors might work best on top of it in addition to how tall it should be! Imagine the perfect cake for your rustic weddingnaked, yet covered with cream cheese frosting.

A white cake having minimal embellishment is a classic choice for traditional weddings. For those who wish to take a more modern route, it is an excellent opportunity for creativity with the design and color choices of your wedding cake. The possibilities for cakes are endless!

Creating a mood board for the wedding is an essential step in planning your big day. These boards are collections of images that help represent the style, theme, and feel you want to achieve on your special day. This way, your supplier will be able to read your mind more accurately.

Number of guests

For the perfect wedding cake, it can be difficult to choose between one-tier and three or four tiers. If the number of guests is 200, then a three or four-tier high beauty may suffice because of its size, but if your guest count is 90 people less than that, then choosing only one layer will save some money in the end. However, the cake size can also depend on whether you are serving dessert or coffee portions on your wedding day. Dessert portions refer to large cake slices. They are usually served singly on a plate along with fresh ice cream or cream, and they’re not served with any other desserts for the pure enjoyment of their sweetness alone!

Coffee portions are typically smaller slices, and a couple of slices may be served on a platter in the center of each table. The coffee is accompanied by some other desserts with coffee or tea.